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Did you know that, in accordance with the AVMA 2022, the domesticated dog population in the USA grew to over 88 million, living in 65.1 million homes.  That means that over 49.5% of all households in the USA have at least one dog! 

Did you know that 49% of American believe that spiritual powers rest in physical objects like mountains, trees and crystals (gemstones), according to new study of American Religion - Pew Research? (62% of Women consider themselves "Spiritually Awake" outside of an organized religion).

The Metaphysical businesses that work with & sell gemstones grew to over a Billion dollars 2021.  If you couple that with what we spend on our dogs every year (in 2021 in America the average spend is $1480 per dog... a total industry of $123.6 Billion), our collars are a hot commodity for retailers.

Our collars are beautiful as well as practical and appeal to a wide range of people, both spiritually awake and those who just like to pretty things. Mathematically, if you take over 49.5% of all households having at least one dog and at least 50% of them consider themselves to be spiritually awake, the audience for our collars is astronomical.

We sell to high end Dog Boutiques and Metaphysical Stores working with Gems and Crystals.  We'd be happy to hear from you.


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