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How Divine Dog™ Came to Be......

My husband and I travel extensively for both business and for pleasure, we always deeply miss our 4 legged animals after the second day we are away.

Peanut on the BeachOn one occasion we were on a vacation on the beach in Negril Jamaica and really missed our 2 dogs, Ben, our blonde male Golden Retriever, and Peanut our uber intelligent and very "Girlie" Jack Russell Terrier. Our challenge has always been that Peanut is so attached to both of us, and we to her, that I would do things like make a sand replicas of Peanut on the beach, LOL.    I missed her so much that wished that I could just have her collar with me, to wear as a bracelet to keep her near. I know it might sound strange to some, but I know those reading this will understand completely, that I really wanted to have that close connection with her while we were away.  When I started to poke around in the marketplace to see if there may be something I could order, there was nothing like it available, so that started me on my creative journey !   We noodled around how can we do something so different, yet so meaningful that “ like minded “ Dog and Cat owners would appreciate the “ connection “ we were wanting to achieve.  As my husband and I worked through the various aspects of what we wanted to do, it was clear to us both that we needed to focus on the strong connection to our pets, and to be able to offer something that was uniquely created by you, the owner, as an expression of love… the idea of " Divine Dog "  was born then and there. Our next thoughts and plans would lead us to focus on the highest quality materials and exquisite design and function that would make up the unique nature of our products. The last piece of our puzzle was " how can we make this buying experience like no other ."

It’s taken about two years to create and design all of the Divine Dog components that suit both dogs and humans.  We work exclusively with small family businesses all over the world that are dedicated to high quality and fair trade principals. To that end, all of our leathers are hand-crafted and dyed by a small family tannery in Pisa Italy using a patented veg-tanning process utilizing full grain, hand selected Italian cow hides.  

This environmentally friendly process achieves our rich luxurious colour pallet that flows deep throughout the leather and makes them soft and supple, durable and long lasting, and does no harm to the environment. 

Now, Peanut wears a collar that I designed to suit her personality, I have added some Chakra balancing gemstones to her collar , that I can change myself as needed with our easy system , and I wear a matching bracelet , we are as one, it’s a personal thing for me, I feel what I have created for her, has given me a Divine connection to her.  This is something that has really caught me off guard, I really wasn’t expecting to feel it so strongly!  

All of our gemstones are sourced in Canada, USA, South America, Africa, India and are hand-cut and polished and fitted to our stud settings.


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Kenya Collar Collection ™ came to be …..

During our travels we both fell in love with the Maasai Culture, and wanted to know more about these incredibly proud and resilient people.

We found that they are extremely entrepreneurial in spirit, as well, have a very intense sense of community self-sufficiency and pride of workmanship.

Understanding that , we struck a “ Fair Trade “ relationship with a Maasai tribe that focused on high quality bead works, our agreement is very simple…we do not barter on price… we pay what is asked for, as our intention to work with them is to help create and sustain a self-sufficient and sustainable work environment for these incredible crafts people.

Our stated goal with this group is to provide a percentage of every Collar , Beaded Bone, Leash, or Belt in the form of a cash infusion directly back to the tribe to facilitate the purchase the most important things to our Maasai Mommas, namely bicycles for the children and families that currently need to walk long distances to gather water and go to school and to provide funds to establish drinking wells and school funds for the young tribes people. Maasai people are very proud, they simply want to be treated fairly for the goods they produce. Never, are they looking for a “ Handout “… just good partners to provide a Fair Trade relationship.

We are blessed to provide a path for the fine quality goods our Maasai partners produce.