THE RESCUE DOG - Owner's Bracelets Silver or Gold Plated



Bracelets with Healing and Spiritual Gemstones specially selected for their properties to help heal the Rescue Dog from the Scars of the Past and Open the Heart to Unconditional Love. The Gemstones have been cleared and energized by a Subtle Energy Master.



Each set  of 6 Energized Gemstones comes with a Divine Dog Owner's Bracelet.  Select your favourite leather colour. Scroll down for a full description.

Perhaps some people may benefit from the healing energies of these crystals as well as the Dogs that they are meant to help.

*****Available in the leather colours shown, if you would like your Rescue Dog Owner's Bracelet in a different Divine Dog Nubuck colour, please, just purchase any colour in the size that you would like and make a note referencing your Divine Dog colour choice in the comment section at checkout.*****   

 The Rescue Dog

Given a chance, I would be your friend for life; a loyal companion.

Given a chance, I would share your life; sacrifice mine to save yours.

Given a chance, I would learn to please you; we could teach each other.

Given a chance, I would love you – unconditionally.

Given a chance, I would.

Given a chance…

By Sid Torchio


For the most part, when we go to a rescue to find our new forever friend, we find a soul mate. We don’t know about their past or what the future will hold, but we trust and we love.   We commit to do the best we can along the path of our new life journey together. Sometimes our new best friend needs a little divine intervention, so we created this collection of energized gemstones to help heal the past and open the heart of your awesome rescue to unconditional love.

When putting this collection together, the first gemstone that came to mind is Aquamarine, this soothing crystal helps to detach from the past and move past anger, fear, heal old wounds and mend emotional scars.

Blue Lace Agate, this soothing crystal in the lighter shades of blue, will help to find patience, forgiveness and recovery.  It can help to overcome negativity and to let go of the past. 

Next, Malachite, the "Stone of Transformation”, it powerfully amplifies both Ying/Yang energies, encourages adventure and risk taking. Malachite promotes deep feelings while opening the heart to unconditional love. 

 The rescue dog’s spiritual healing is enhanced by Sodalite by directing lightness to the heart encouraging self-esteem, creating inner peace and trust while “knowing” one’s destiny. When they are alone or sleeping, Sodalite will help prevent nightmares by providing protection from external negative influences and energies.

Amethyst, the  "Stone of Spirituality and Contentment”, has a gentle calming energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment, ushering lightness and lovingness to one's environment.  It is a powerful protective stone with a healing effect on physical, emotional and psychological challenges to help heal losses and grief.

Our most important stone of this collection is Rose Quartz, the stone of “Unconditional Love”. It is the most important crystal of the heart. It purifies and brings deep inner healing, inner strength, self love, self trust and self worth. It helps comfort grief, soothes pain and it is considered one of the finest healing stones. It harmonizes the heart to the soul, providing pathways to new love.

Forever love and peace to you and your new best friend.


The Rescue Dog Gemstone Collection Studs for Owner Bracelet 
Divine Rescue Dog Owner Bracelet 



Our Nubuck Leather is crafted in Italy using a patented veg-tanning process utilizing full grain hand selected Italian cow hides This tanning process achieves our rich colour pallets throughout the leather making them luxurious, long lasting, durable, while soft and supple, for a beautiful and comfortable feel. Our tanning process is environmentally friendly and sustainable and use only natural products in the tanning process.  

*** The colours of our leather may vary slightly as a result of our hand dying process.


 Our Gemstones are carefully selected, then hand cut and polished.  This hand cutting and polishing method helps to retain the authentic signature of the gemstones.  They are then hand set in DIVINE DOG STUDS, designed and unique to our design.  DIVINE DOG STUDS are either Silver-Plated or Gold Plated.   


 DIVINE DOG HARDWARE is unique to our brand.  Our buckles and other hardware are handcrafted metal, then Gold-Plated or Silver-Plated