Nubuck Leather and Gemstone Divine Dog Leashes, French Lilacs in Spring Collection



Luxury Leather Dog Leashes with Healing Gem Stones by Divine Dog Collars, French Lilacs in Spring Collection

Beautiful Violet Italian Nubuck Leather Dog Leashes with Hues of Purple and Violet inspired by the fantastic sight of French Lilacs that abound our countryside, here in the hills of Hockley.

French Lilacs in Spring Dog Collar Collection

The Gemstone and Crystal Studs in this collection all reflect the colours of French Lilacs.
From a spiritual point of view, the Copper Purple Turquoise is known for having a positive effect as a Master Healer with extra conductive energies, bringing together earth and sky for a spiritual renewal, this combined with the calming and contentment that Amethyst brings will guide you and your dog into the sense of renewal, lightness and loving that Spring promises.
Gemstone and Crystal Studs for Owner Bracelets Inspired by French Lilacs in Spring


Crystal and Gemstone Studs by Leash Width
Divine Dog French Lilacs in Spring Inspired Collection of Leather Dog Leashes



Divine Dog's Nubuck Leather is hand crafted in Italy using a patented veg-tanning process utilizing full grain hand selected Italian cow hides This tanning process achieves our rich colour pallets throughout the leather making them luxurious, long lasting, durable, while soft and supple, for a beautiful wear.

Divine Dog's Sport Leather is of the highest quality English Bridle Leather used for fine Saddlery and Bridlery. The Sport Dog Leather, like good horse harness, is washable, durable and weather tolerant, while remaining soft and supple.

Divine Dog Leathers are luxurious, long lasting, durable, while soft and supple, for a beautiful and comfortable feel. Our tanning process is environmentally friendly and sustainable and uses only natural products in the tanning process.  

*** The colours of our leather may vary slightly as a result of our hand dying process.


 Our Gemstones are carefully selected, then hand cut and polished.  This hand cutting and polishing method helps to retain the authentic signature of the gemstones.  They are then hand set in DIVINE DOG STUDS, designed and unique to our design.  DIVINE DOG STUDS are either Silver-Plated or Gold Plated.   


 DIVINE DOG HARDWARE is unique to our brand.  Our buckles and other hardware are handcrafted metal, then Gold-Plated or Silver-Plated.  For the Bracelets, high quality Stainless Steel Clasps are used, either Silver or Gold-Plated.