GRIEF, LOSS, PAIN & SORROW - Energized Gemstone Collar Dangler - BLACK ONYX

$24.99 USD


Black Onyx is the perfect gemstone to clear away bad Karma and heal from pain and sorrow.  This is most important gemstone for anyone or any pet that has a lost love or a companion.  In Arabic, the word Onyx means "sadness", which perfectly describes the energy that Onyx an offer, absorbing pain and sorrow.  Black Onyx can also be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.  This a a great gemstone for Rescue Dogs to help them move on, to heal and accept the past and help them to accept new love.  

Divine Dog Energized Gemstone Collar Danglers are great for Dogs, Cats and their Humans.  They are made from internationally sourced natural gemstones, which have then been energetically enhanced and set with stainless steel and natural rubber.