Divine Dog Collar, Nubuck Latte-Gold 1/2 inch Wide (14mm), Fits Neck 7 to 8.5 Inches


Brand Divine Dog





    Half Inch (14mm)

7 to 8.5  Inches (178mm to 216mm)


 Divine Dog's Nubuck Leather is hand crafted in Italy using a patented veg-tanning process utilizing full grain hand selected Italian cow hides This tanning process achieves our rich colour pallets throughout the leather making them luxurious, long lasting, durable, while soft and supple, for a beautiful and comfortable feel. Our tanning process is environmentally friendly and sustainable without the use of chemicals in the tanning process.


  • Divine Dog collars are ready for you to add your own choices of Divine Dog's hand cut and polished Semi-Precious Gemstone Studs, or Creative Expressions Studs or Crystal Studs Collections.
  • Stunning hand crafted quality and custom hardware.

*** The colours of our leather may vary slightly as a result of our hand dying process.